Saturday, March 28, 2015


the excitement builds next door, caps and gowns have arrived!

Scholarship banquet  at local Amicalola EMC 

The University of Alabama recruiter came to the high school to give Madison her official yard sign. Yes, she is officially Bama Bound! 

Alabama was not in her original plans but after taking the ACT and making high scores, her mom Googled ACT scores and came up with a list of colleges that offered free tuition for high scores. After a campus visit or two, Madison is in love with UA and can't wait to go. Yes, full tuition scholarship for 4 years worth $100,000 !!  Plus more $ for majoring in engineering. 

She has completed piles of scholarship applications, written prize-winning essays, jumped through hoops, gotten a job to help pay for room and board and meals. All while attending local college classes as a dual-enrollment with high school, student-teaching at the middle school, programming robots, and taking sign language classes in her spare time. I am sure I left out a lot of other stuff, I can't keep up with all she does :)

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Lainee said...

She will have a great future because she' s had a great past!