Monday, February 9, 2015

label it

quilt labels

Why should you label your quilt? Because it will not always be in your cedar chest, some day you will be gone and your folks will come and go through your stuff and take your your quilts and wonder who made this and when and why?

So just do it, label your quilt as soon as it is finished.

But how to do it? There are so many different ways to label quilts, everyone has their own preference. After extensive research and trial and error (detailed below), I choose to use my own handwriting and the Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric.

Just do a Pinterest search for quilt labels and you will get a plethora of ideas to choose from.

denim pocket quilt label

I love the look of this denim pocket, will have to try it at some point, by Handicrafty Sisters

jaybird quilts label tutorial

You can order a whole yard of labels using the Spoonflower fabric company, a great tutorial by Jaybird Quilts.

a postcard from Paris
a postcard from Paris
You can hand embroider the label, if you are super talented and have lots of time - like this beautiful example by Amy from Nana Company

There are iron-on labels available that you can personalize.

You can use your printer and Avery printable fabric, there are a lot of tutorials available, or DIY using freezer paper. 

I have tried computer printing onto fabric, not impressed. I bought the special solution to make the fabric take the ink better. Most of the attempts at printing on fabric resulted in dismantling my printer to get out the strings and paper. The few times it actually worked, the print looked light and faded and makes me wonder how long it will really last.

When searching quilt label ideas, I went to the ultimate quilter, Bonnie of Quiltville. Bonnie says she keeps a stack of white fabric for labels by her sewing machine and sews one into the quilt along with the binding, every time. Then she writes on it when the quilt is finished. I would have to do the label before sewing it in, and then a second time because the first one messed up, and when I finally got one I liked, THEN sew it into the quilt. Kudos to Bonnie!

graduation gift quilt label 2015
graduation gift quilt label 2015

Finally, I believe have found my preferred method! Handwriting using permanent ink.

I did extensive research on this, reading the pros and cons. I bought different kinds of pens and auditioned them on this swatch which was then washed and dried several times.

test swatch

This method allows you to be personal, use your own handwriting, no mechanical parts involved. The winner is the Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric.

wedding gift label
wedding gift label 2014

No more excuses, just label your quilts!

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Lainee said...

Great label....I used a fine point Micron pen and it was just ok. I like the intensity of your pen better...was that accomplished in one pass?