Monday, December 15, 2014

recipe curtains

spoonflower recipe curtains

Is that my fried chicken recipe on Melissa's kitchen curtains?  Why, yes it is!

So... the back story on the curtains. Last spring, actually I believe it was just before Mother's Day, I get a text from Sarah (oldest granddaughter age 19) telling me she needed me to write out one of my recipes and scan it and send it to her. Okay... She said it was going to be printed onto fabric for Melissa for Mother's Day. So I did as asked, and gradually got more of the story, she saw this thing on Pinterest... Here is the thing:

On the website the fabric is 36 x 54 and there are 4 different recipes on the one piece of fabric. I wish I had seen this first. So I just sent one recipe and they printed it out really big, see picture, the recipe is on there 2-1/2 times:

Anyway, so Melissa gets this piece of fabric in the mail long after Mother's Day and Sarah tells her it is to make tea towels. LOL. Melissa pulled it out the other day when I was down there and asked me what she could do with it. We looked around and decided on curtains. 

Hem 4 sides, make a rod pocket, voila! Looked at some fabric in the stash for a possible border, but we decided to keep it simple. Now the Mother's Day gift is on display in time for Sarah's visit for Christmas, a.k.a.  C.Y.A. :)

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Linda J said...

I think it looks terrific as a curtain. A border might have added a bit of pop but then it would have competed with the lovely plants in the window. Sometimes simple works out better. A clever idea!