Thursday, December 11, 2014

doings and goings on

The Heck family - Mike, Frankie, Brick, Axl, Sue

Once again The Middle television show is about something in our family, this week specifically The Christmas Letter.

Brick: Hey we got Christmas cards in the mail. One of them has a letter. Its all about the Kirkwoods and their doings and goings on. Who are these people?
Mike: Just someone I went to high school with.
Brick: And he thought he should share the details of his life with you?
Frankie: It's a Christmas Letter. People update you on their lives. It's a way to keep in touch.
Brick: So we have gotten more of these?
Frankie: Yeah, I usually throw them out.
Brick: Why? They are fascinating!

So Brick decides to do a Heck family Christmas letter.
Brick: Mom doesn't wear pants anymore. Finances weigh heavy on our minds. The kitchen sink fell through the counter last month and now we wash dishes in the shower. Axl's football career seems to be over as he dropped the ball both literally and figuratively. Mom and Dad stay up late worrying about Sue doing something with Darren called Losing It.
Mike: Whoa! Brick, you can't say any of that stuff!
Brick: Why not? It's all true.
Mike: Christmas letters are just for the good things that happened in the last year!
Brick: Oh. Well that's going to be a lot harder… and shorter.

Madison is writing their Christmas letter this year. She got our book of past letters written by Granpa Buddy for inspiration, and enjoyed a good laugh. She decided their letter needed to be funny too. Just last week she seemed to be feeling the pressure of getting it done - with her mom busy signing cards and sticking address labels on the empty envelopes. So I offered to help and sent her some ideas, you know just tell it like it is. Like how she is an only child now and everything is all about her, only mentioning the rest of the kids in a passing sentence. She was like Mike Heck, "I can't say that!"

So we are waiting to see what Madison comes up with, and Grandpa Buddy too. I wonder if our letters are fascinating or if they get thrown out? :)  

At least we don't wash dishes in the shower, but if we did it probably would make the Christmas letter.

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Julie said...

Ahahahaha! I love the Tidwell Christmas letter from Buddy!! Actually, we start digging through the mailbox to get to be the first to read it when it arrives. No pressure....but we are waiting.....:)
We love you guys, have a wonderful holiday! :)
Love from the Horn household