Wednesday, October 1, 2014

rain delay

Job progress report

It started out as a hay field.

The crews work 6 days a week trying to get all the underground stuff in... electrical, plumbing, storm water structures, giant fuel tanks, then cover it all up with concrete slab in a pre-dawn concrete pour.

But the deadline is looming, the rest of the lot covers in asphalt and the local asphalt plant closes in November depending on the weather and will not open again until spring, maybe May?

So a rain delay puts a real dent in the schedule. 3 days + 4 inches = lake.

The weather has been really great on this job, not the usual 'muddy Buddy' job. One of the more memorable job lakes was in Key West, where the jobsite was at 8' above sea level. But the folks at Keys Federal Credit Union were good sports, calling the lake at the bottom of their steps "Lake Tidwell" and making good use of it:

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