Thursday, October 2, 2014

pumpkin festival

25,000 people in downtown!

local news celebrity

pumpkin weigh-in contest

Main Street Square fountains

This past weekend in Rapid City and the surrounding Black Hills, they had all the fall events, the pumpkin festival, pumpkin catapult, the buffalo roundup, even the Octoberfest train ride... all in the last weekend in September, because as the weatherman said it is all downhill from here. The local news said the leaves peaked last week. 

Fall is definitely in the air. West and north of here there is snow in Montana and Yellowstone. The park across the street had 3 deer grazing. But we are still waiting on the big horn sheep that we have been told will come down out of the hills into this valley when it gets colder, right into the campground?! 

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Gypsy Quilter said...

Very colorful downtown. Which pumpkin won and how much did it weigh? More important though, are they selling the seeds?