Friday, August 15, 2014


It is apple season back home, brings back memories - 1979:

My neighbor and I had our babies two days apart, and when they were old enough to start eating, she took me to the local cannery and we made applesauce for the babies. Fresh apples, cut in half, cutting out only the blossom end (cause that's where the poison is) - leaving the seeds and peelings (cause that's where the vitamins are). We dumped them into the huge sinks at the cannery to wash them, they were then put into huge vats to cook, and run through a grinder. Then into the jars and to the processor. If we hadn't brought our own jars, we could have bought tin cans for the same purpose. Our babies ate the prettiest pink applesauce (color from the red peelings).

Thanks Imogene for the memories!

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