Thursday, July 10, 2014

job report

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When Buddy learned he was headed to Box Elder, SD to build a Love's Travel Center, we did the obvious.. Googled it, and found this interview with the small town mayor who is very excited about the new building boom in Box Elder - Dairy Queen, Dollar General, and now a Love's! 

breaking ground

When Buddy arrived on the job site, he found 20 acres of mostly flat grassland, and not much else. The good news is - no tree clearing. The second day on the job he noticed the grass/hay had been cut and baled up, more good news - one less thing to deal with.

He sends weekly job progress reports and pictures to his office in Atlanta and the owner of whatever he is building. This week's pictures looked pretty much like this:

making hay

He received a prompt e-mail response from his boss:

Are we receiving proceeds from the hay being sold from the Box Elder site? Or does Buddy have his own little “profit center” going. Very ingenious I might say! ~Marty

truck office

Also on the second day he got to watch several fly-bys of B-1 Bombers from the nearby Ellsworth Air Force Base.


We had already learned through the grapevine (from a nice lady at the welcome center) that there used to be a Pilot Travel Center in Box Elder, but it was determined to be right under the flight path of the Air Force jets and was deemed unsafe, so it is now just an empty building, one exit west of the job.

morning commute

Buddy really loves his commute - 15 miles of NO traffic... heaven compared to the 1-1/2 hours of watching tail lights on the way to his last job.

Not much going on at the job this week, some grading equipment is arriving slowly, signage going up, making hay. 

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