Monday, June 23, 2014

the beach house

We arrived at the beach house of nieces Heidi and Lisa just before midnight on Saturday, driving south after the wedding through rural Sweet Home Alabama and along the forgotten coast of upper Florida.

The nieces graciously offered to share their place in Port Saint Joe. Several family members have been here and they all describe it the same - it is so peaceful!

The house is almost cabin-like with the dark pine paneling, the old iron bedstead of Mamaw and Papaw Tidwell, but definitely Florida-like in the other furnishings and decorations.

I had seen a picture of Lisa's artwork pictured above, but this is the first time seeing it in person. What a talent we have acquired in Lisa!

When asked how she did this, her description: "Susan, I printed quote using specific font, tedious we cut out with razor blade, stenciled and painted one letter at a time. Sketched and painted the scene. Pallet wood came from Sue's.  The quote came out of a book that Heidi found in her grandparents stuff. I started reading it and just thought that if I could be a writer those words would have been mine; they capture my exact thoughts."

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