Sunday, June 29, 2014

girls underground

Carrie and Melissa and Madison's excellent adventure! 
 the obligatory 'before' picture

all geared up and dirty - the 'after' picture

crazy Aunt Carrie takes all her nephews/nieces on this adventure

Carrie's boots fell apart, "I've had these for about 15-16 years 
they've been thru 3 of these Wild Cave Tours!" 

and of course the traditional after-adventure ice cream!

Melissa:  Just finished 6+ hours crawling, climbing, and squeezing our way through passages such as z-rock, bear hole (42" in diameter), birth canal, fallopian tubes (left or right), peanut butter alley, guillotine rock, castration rock, circumcision rock, no name (9" tall ceiling), compass rock, cheese grater, poop shoot. We are tired, sore, and a little bruised but had a great time! Thanks mom and dad. 

past caving adventures: TROGLODYTES  and SARAH AND KYLE

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