Saturday, April 5, 2014

it's picnic time

Work was slow this week and I actually got a quilt started and finished!  

watched some quilting videos - "find a large flat space to lay out your quilt sandwich, tape down with blue painter's tape"

"put extra tables around your work space to support the weight of the quilt"

grass-green backing fabric - in case the quilt is actually going to be used for a picnic blanket

as I was down on one knee in the wet grass the thought came to me - do I just make things so I will have something to photograph?

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Bonnie Jacobs said...

I love THIS comment in your post: "Do I just make things so I will have something to photograph?"

I told the maker of a cat bag that MY enjoyment of the bag, before giving it to a friend, was in being able to post it on my blog, here:

You can see the cat bag by clicking that link. The handles are the cat's ears, and the four scallops along the bottom are her paws. My friend enjoys USING the bag, and I enjoyed POSTING about it.