Monday, March 10, 2014

hidden treasure

Niece Heidi inherited the house next door, the one built by her grandparents and filled to the rafters with their stuff. After the folks passed away in the 90s we cleaned out literally truckloads of stuff and by the time Heidi moved in we thought it was fairly empty - well except for the attic, nobody wanted to tackle that job!  Over the years Heidi has been gradually upgrading and remodeling and restoring  - mostly a lot of repairing - and she sometimes comes across more boxes of stuff hidden away.

A while back, she told me she found a box of Two-Mama's quilt tops. I told her - how timely - since her two nephews are getting married this year and they will certainly each need a quilt. She asked about getting the quilts finished and I told her about the lady I use for quilting. We went down there this weekend to see her latest construction project, and she pulled out the box of quilt tops, opened it, and wow! Double Wedding Ring quilt tops! I didn't even know Two Mama made this pattern, I only ever saw her Dresden Plate. One, two, three? She said you want 'em? Take them please, otherwise they will just be packed up here in this box. I reminded her again about her nephews' weddings and she said, well these are pink, why don't you finish them for your girls?

One is a lavender color, size 92 x 110, scalloped all around except for across the top (pictured above outside)

Another one is yellow, size 92 x 110, squared up all around. (When I pulled this one out - Buddy said Sponge Bob colors?)

Then there is this pink one - actually two 56 x 110 with lots of extra pieces in this color. Not sure if it was going to be two twin sizes or sewn together?

My granddaughters Madison and Racheal came for Sunday dinner and I showed them the quilt tops. Madison immediately latched onto the lavender one and Racheal the pink one(s). The girls laid out the two sections of the pink and found pieces already cut to fit them together to make one big quilt. 

Wow, a blast from the past. Two Mama would sit in her chair and watch her stories, cutting and piecing quilts by hand. No rotary cutter or sewing machine. Just look at all those stitches!

Two-Mama and Melissa 35 years ago.

I am so excited about this find, thank you Heidi and of course Two-Mama. I will take good care of these treasures!

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Linda J said...

What a find! And good to see that the next generation appreciates the efforts made by Two Mama!

Maybe she just ran out of time before she was called home to finish these up? Or put them up in the attic where they were passed over.

Sponge Bob colors? Really, Buddy? I bet she used what she had.