Wednesday, February 19, 2014

shop til you drop

I was invited to go prom dress shopping. At first I thought no, that doesn't sound like fun to me, but after being cooped up and snowed in, a day out was just what I needed.

some were deemed inappropriate :)

should we go as twins? not

better practice dancing!

Lots of dresses, styles, and colors to choose from. Madi T knew what she wanted and chose her dress early in the day, but Madi M liked them all. So the day went on, going from store to store, because you never know, THE dress might be at the next stop.

David's Bridal turned out to have the least expensive and best selection, Melissa looks like a nervous mother of the bride here. We actually saw some of our kin there buying a wedding dress! 

9 stores and 14 hours later we had 2 very tired girls and 2 prom dresses!

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Linda J said...

Think how many times they had to get dressed and undressed in that period of time. Melissa was getting a taste for what would be coming in the future when the girls are brides! How funny that you saw some of your family members doing just that.

I love that purple one or the aqua blue up in the upper right but seriously this young lady could wear anything and still look beautiful.