Thursday, December 26, 2013

the day after

It is back to work the day after Christmas, this morning the 5 a.m. radio came on as usual, but without the Christmas music we have been enjoying the last few weeks. All is back to normal just one day after Christmas, the festive mood cut off like a faucet.

The television commercials and emails went from shopping deals to weight loss overnight.

The kids' eyes went from anticipation to glazed over sleep deprived.

However short, this Christmas was a good one spent with family.

The annual gathering at Tumblin' Waters was a record number, with all the youngest generation now old enough to bring a +1 - friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance!

The soldier in the family returned from overseas surprising his parents!

There were memories of a wedding held at this old house 40 years ago.

Traditions abound and grow and change, we are making a few of our own like everyone coming to granma's house on Christmas morning in their PJs for breakfast monkey bread.

Then a flurry of wrapping paper and a quick nap before heading out to see all the other granmas.

Yes it all happened so fast, the only things left are smiles and memories, another year past.


Linda J said...

excellent post, Susan. Did Buddy write his traditional letter? I may have missed it.

Gypsy Quilter said...

I hope you took lots of pictures to save the moment. They all grow up so quickly, don't they.