Wednesday, December 18, 2013

kitchen re-do done

After the counter top was installed, the only thing left was the wall/backsplash tile.

I looked at lots of tile and tile designs for the wall, little pieces and big pieces, different layouts like diamonds and even tile quilt squares, I pinned pictures on Pinterest. In the end I decided I didn’t want the little wall space between the cabinets and the counter top to be the focal point, but the beautiful hickory cabinets instead. I wanted the wall space to fade into the background. So when we found these 18" square tiles which fit perfectly into the 18" space, it was a no-brainer. Although Buddy would have agreed with anything I picked out, he was visibly relieved to not have to cut and lay out many small tiles.

Like so many things, it reminds me of making a quilt, sometimes you just want big square pieces with simple lines, it goes together fast and looks great.

Having never done this before did not slow Buddy down of course, he did some research, watched some YouTube videos, and voila!

Just like a jigsaw puzzle, the last piece is in (the one we were looking for), whew!

Merry Christmas to us!

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Linda J said...

Gorgeous! Buddy is so talented and since he does most of this work professionally it probably kept costs down too?