Monday, December 9, 2013

engineers in kilts

Madison and Jinx, the robot she built and programmed (well with a little help from her team) won the robotics competition on Saturday at the Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology, now they are going to the State competition in February!

Yes, that is a kilt…it seems the robotics kids like to dress up, they all voted on what to wear and one of the moms actually made all the kilts. 

Earlier this year Buddy got the call to help Sarah with her sorority project, and to help Kyle with his pumpkin launcher. Luckily Madison did not ask for help on this one, because she would be out of luck here. The teachers in the science department at her high school are apparently very good at what they do, going way beyond the classroom. Madison is the programmer of Jinx and one of the team captains.

According to everyone that attended, the competition was very exciting and emotional and stressful, but seeing kids so excited about anything pertaining to school and learning is awesome! Taking this class has prompted Madison to aim for an engineering degree at Georgia Tech. Yay!

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Linda J said...

go team go! Our little town has a team such as this but I don't know that they got to go to state. One nice thing was that they all pitched in to help another team in the county who fared a little better in the competition. I thought that was quite admirable too.

You are proud of all your grands I know.