Monday, November 25, 2013

something old, something new

I got this quilt in 2010 from one of my neighbors. I wonder what the pattern is? I believe it is in the log cabin family because of the red center to each square (representing hearth and home). I really liked the colors and fabrics, but it has been tucked away since then.

All the new and shiny stuff in the kitchen is great but it needed just a little soft touch… like curtains, towels, how about a quilt?

I tried a couple of quilts before uncovering this one in the tote in the basement. I hung it up with pushpins first to see how it looked and fell in love with the look! I then followed the directions on how to hang a quilt HERE.

In the first picture above, notice on the bottom row, the right side of the quilt is about 4" longer than the left, the blocks look like they have been cut off at an angle, which makes me wonder about the history of this quilt, maybe it was damaged along that edge and someone cut it off and hemmed it up? At first I hung it up like it was, but that crooked bottom got to me and I just had to straighten it up. The leftover squares make great pot-holders!

So some color has been added to the browns and blacks of my new kitchen, an old quilt, new towels and rugs - I feel like a bride - something old, something new, something blue...

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Everything Changes said...

Nice. And the hanging tip is good--so much flatter than a dowel.