Monday, November 4, 2013

just a squeak

Well it started out as a squeaking kitchen floor…

After tearing up the old vinyl and pulling out all the offending nails, replacing with screws, the squeak was fixed, so then we had to look for new flooring. Found some at Dalton that looks like stone tile, it is on order.

In the meantime, Buddy was walking through Home Depot and spotted some kitchen cabinets that we have been admiring for a few years, marked way down, so….

I am usually against any major purchases, just a cheapskate frugal at heart, but the price was very good. 

But, you know what this means, right?

If we get new cabinets that means new countertops

And maybe a new stove

And new wall covering

And redo the ceiling

And maybe curtains… whew!

Melissa described it best, it is like that book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, by Laura Numeroff:

If you give a mouse a cookie
He is going to ask for a glass of milk
When you give him the milk
He'll probably ask you for a straw…
(and on and on)

or our version - if you give a man a hammer...

With lots of folks coming for Thanksgiving, Buddy promised to wait until after then to get started. But he couldn't wait…

The kitchen is now down to bare bones, exposed studs, sub-floor, ceiling joists, ready to start from scratch. We even found evidence of our 1970s wallpaper above the dropped ceiling.

Marriage is made up of compromises, give and take, so if he wants to give me a new kitchen, I guess I can accept that.

As for Thanksgiving, will it be done? If not, maybe we can go next door to Melissa's or have it at Carrie's new house? J


Linda J said...

oh my! I know he is a builder so this is nothing to him to fix and re-do but that would take my husband years. We would not be eating in there for some time. Still, a new kitchen---wow! Talented man.

I know we have some ancient paper under ours too. Maybe not 70s but some country cutie stuff.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Wow, that's a big project! I'm sure your daughters could handle Thanksgiving, especially since they already have the flow charts from last year.