Tuesday, September 10, 2013

y'all come

Friends and neighbors Lowell and Imogene celebrated their 50th anniversary over the weekend.

He worked at the power company for years and all of us neighbors would call him every time the power went out. Lowell always has a big garden, lots of corn and beans and taters.

Imogene used to keep kids (like a daycare), and helped raise all of ours. Bless her heart, she taught them to love green beans and homemade biscuits and mac-n-cheese and cornbread and soup beans, to take naps, to play well with others. 

Imogene and I were expecting babies at the same time, we rode to the doctor together since it was so far (over an hour each way), and our babies Amanda and Melissa were born 2 days apart (2 of the 5 born that year on our little road, yes the year the convicts were working on the road…)

It was good to see all the neighbors and friends, folks we haven't seen in a long time, except sometimes in passing on the road. Glad the kids did this for their folks!

Heidi, Carrie, Imogene, Melissa, Amanda

after the picture, Imogene said, 'Oh I think my mouth was open?' yes it was

y'all stop and see us sometime!

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