Wednesday, August 7, 2013

family recipes

This week Sarah and Kyle move into their first apartments. Kyle wants to cook and is going through his mom's recipes to try. So, an idea for a family recipe book came to mind.

I made some of these in the past for kids and nieces and nephews who moved out on their own, but they were just my recipes on index cards in an album.

Now I am thinking about gathering recipes from all the family, anyone who will contribute, like Sue's heavenly hash and Carrie's green bean casserole. And I know you guys out there that cook like Keith and Kennon and Ethan, you know you have favorite recipes too. 

I also want to include some recipes from folks that are no longer with us, like Inez's icebox cookies, Alma's peanut butter fingers, and Two-Mama's pound cake.

If the original used splattered recipe can be found (like the one above), I want to scan it for a picture, and type out the instructions so they are legible. It would be great to have a picture of the finished product also, but that would mean we would have to make all of these great dishes, a kind of test kitchen, which might be doable with some help.

As far as the recipe book itself, I am thinking an actual book, there are so many affordable options out there now for self-publishing, even at Wal-Mart.

The family recipe book would make great Christmas gifts for everyone.

Any other ideas are welcome, like maybe some family photos too?  And will need a name for the recipe book, send me your ideas!

So, attention family members: Find and send me your favorite recipes, if there is an original old version let me scan it and get it back to you, if not just a written recipe can be sent (e-mail or whatever). And if anyone has old recipes from Inez or Two-Mama please let me know. 

Thanks y'all! 


Carrie said...

Tumblin' Falls Family Recipes

Gypsy Quilter said...

Please sign me up for Two-Mamma's pound cake recipe. The name is perfect for conversation starters the world over.