Wednesday, June 26, 2013

the patient

poor Melissa!

Melissa slipped and fell last week at our house, ending up in the ER. 


She still has staples in her knee and is really looking forward to getting them pulled out - NOT!


And this is the site of the accident, prompting our weekend cleaning project. Carrie fell here years ago also. Ideas are being tossed around about replacing this with stone pavers, another project for another weekend.

Melissa was just coming to borrow a blood pressure monitor as her BP has been elevated lately (imagine that, 4 teenagers, 2 learning to drive...). Hopefully she didn't check it for a day or two after this.

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Gypsy Quilter said...

Poor gal. Ouchy! My neighbor has a slope on the side of her house. She outlined the walkway with landscape timbers and filled each rectangle with smooth pebbles. The area drains well also.