Saturday, June 15, 2013


New toy.

As if don't spend enough time already at the computer…

I remember seeing some quilting friends online talking about their quilt design software, Electric Quilt, so I looked it up and saw that it was $189.95 … ouch!

I kept looking and found the beginners version Quilt Design Wizard for $29.95, and of course my favorite store, Amazon has it for $22.28 - okay, that's more like it!

Tried it out last night, went through all the tutorials which were very helpful. Includes lots of layouts, quilt blocks, and even fabrics!  Once you get your design it will tell you how much fabric you will need and you can print out patterns to cut out the pieces.

Used the software to design the quilt I am working on now and it came out just like my figures on paper:

Except it looks much better than my figures on paper:

Here is the real thing, still waiting on borders:

I call this one my Wacky Scrappy quilt- made entirely out of scraps of wild colored fabric I had already. Some advantages to making a scrappy quilt:

You never run out of fabric

You don't have to buy fabric, so essentially the quilt is FREE

You can also use up all those wacky colored thread and bobbins you have collected

The grandkids can recognize and pick out blocks of fabric from previous gifts

You free up some storage space (so you can buy more fabric?)


Paula, the quilter said...

I hadn't realized that EQ was that expensive. I bought it way back when it was #4 (I think) and just keep upgrading. Upgrades are so much cheaper.

Gypsy Quilter said...

Wonderful quilt. Love the scrappiness.