Monday, April 15, 2013

our second home

flowering tree planted by my mom back when she lived in our backyard

Our first house has become our second home. The house we built back in '76, the one where we raised our kids. The one made out of the blueprints Buddy showed me when we were dating.

don't you just love it when things pop up that you forgot you planted!

Now it is the one we come to on an occasional weekend, open it up, air it out. We spend the first day fixing and cleaning, picking up limbs out of the yard, reset the blinking clocks, change the water filter, deciding whether or not to disturb that layer of dust that just reappears every time. And doing laundry - yes just like college kids we bring our laundry home to the machine that doesn't takes quarters.

Like so many folks who are drawn to the mountains on weekends, we find ourselves at Wal-Mart on Friday night stocking up on milk and bread, etc.

azalea bush survives!

For over two years now we have been working out of town, sometimes too far make the weekend trip back to what is now our 'second home', our first home now is the camper that we take everywhere we go.

Someday we will make that trip up the familiar driveway for good, retire from our paying jobs and go to live full time in our second home, and once again it will be our first house/home, you know the one we built back in '76… 

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Linda J said...

lovely foliage around the homestead. I was just out taking pictures of some of ours though not near as pretty shots as yours.