Friday, April 12, 2013

family album

When we are working out of town we miss out on seeing what the kids are up to… but they keep us in the loop with texts, emails, and photos posted on Facebook.

Sarah took her dad to the Braves game for his 40th!

Kyle and Madison enjoyed the Color run!!!

Carrie ran 13.1 miles in 2 hours 14 minutes!

Madison won the State Championship FCCLA, 
something about self image or self esteem or something…

"You can choose to accept the lies 
people tell you about yourself 
or you can choose 
to see the good in yourself. ~Madi"

And this coming weekend they are all very busy. Melissa and Keith and Madison and Carrie and Daniel are all doing the Warrior Dash!!  Sarah is doing Relay for Life with her sorority. Kyle and Shelby are going to Prom!! Rachel is performing in high school drama production of The Music Man. Hopefully all events will be well documented so I can show and tell next week!

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