Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Music Man

There's trouble in River City, well in Ellijay that is…

We loved watching the movie versions of The Music Man over the years - the 1962 version with Robert Preston, Shirley Jones, and little Ronny Howard. Then the 2003 version with Matthew Broderick and Kristin Chenoweth. So when granddaughter Racheal told us her high school drama department was going to do the play, of course we wanted to see it.

The lights dimmed and the live Music City Pit Band struck up the familiar music. The lead actor playing Professor Harold Hill - senior Jared Jones - was awesome, he sang and danced and memorized all of those lines, and best of all we could hear him perfectly. And you know what they say about working with kids and animals, well it was true here - the kids stole the show, little Amaryllis and Winthrop were adorable.

In the weeks leading up to the play, Racheal told her family that she wasn't sure who would come see her in the play, but she was certain that Buddy and Susan would because that was Buddy's favorite movie. Racheal  did a great job playing the Mayor's daughter, actually quite realistically - she had the teenage foot stomping and eye rolling down pat, lots of practice there! She also sang and danced too, after all it was a musical! 

It looked like everyone had a great time, as we did in the audience. It was fun to see Buddy smiling and laughing out loud and humming along the familiar songs like '76 Trombones' and 'Pickalittle' and 'Shipoopi'.  All in all a great performance, kudos to the Gilmer High Drama Department!  

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