Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Land Between the Lakes

Great Western Furnace circa 1855
The Homeplace Interpretative Center
Quilts displayed at The Homeplace

We recently drove over to Land Between the Lakes. The 170,000 acre recreation area was formerly called 'land between the rivers' but when the two rivers were formed into lakes, the resulting peninsula was designated Land Between the Lakes National Recreational Area by President Kennedy in 1963.

We took the south-to-north route of the Trace and only made it halfway through the park, stopping at 3 visitors centers, the iron furnace, the bison range, and the elk and bison prairie. The Trace goes up the middle of the park, so we didn't see the lakes on either side. A huge park with lots of campgrounds and trails, even a 100 mile OHV trail, and 300 miles of shoreline, I am sure it is a very busy place in the summer months. But it was a nice drive on a cool spring day, not crowded at all, our kind of trip.

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