Monday, April 1, 2013

head banging

looking through my bedroom window at our daily visitor, he sits on the limb and sings and looks in our window, then BLAM!

into the window he goes, time and again, all day long! does he see his reflection? is he lonely? does have have a headache?

I haven't seen him with a mate yet, maybe he likes that good looking fellow reflecting in the window?! Don't beat your head against the wall, it will all work out

We recently watched the movie "The Big Year" - the ratings were not that good, but we decided to try it anyway, with the comics Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, and Jack Black, how bad could it be? 

Well, it was actually pretty good, all about bird watching birding, with a huge contest to see who could spot the most birds in a year, all different species.

So I have started by looking out my window - let's see, cardinals, robins...

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