Wednesday, March 27, 2013

searching for sun

searching for sun

on a rare warm day recently we visited a nearby park, just as the parking lot fills with families and hikers suffering from cabin fever, the turtles also came out in hopes of catching some rays, lining up in turtle pecking order on the submerged log

as we neared the edge of Swan Lake this trio of ducks made a beeline for us in anticipation of a treat, but we were empty-handed, and they showed their disappointment by this funny action, not sure if it was a duck moon or they were giving us the bird

we have been here in cold northern Tennessee for a month now, searching for sun

and when it gets here we are told it will be very hot and we will miss these days, but I say bring it on!

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Dinah Paris said...

So funny. Hope you get to warmer weather. Love your blog and musings.