Thursday, October 18, 2012

the great migration

TRAFFIC! as seen through Carrie's rear view mirror on our way home from Atlanta Saturday.

See the great annual migration north from Atlanta to the mountains… in search of ? apples, leaves, festivals, pretty much anything to get away from the city…

Or maybe they are coming to see the scarecrow invasion…

Check out the Scarecrow Invasion in Hometown Ellijay - The Chamber of Commerce sponsored a contest and local businesses and other folks filled the sidewalks with scarecrows!

Bernhardt's Funeral Home - spooky!
our own Cross Country girls made one too!

So if you live in Ellijay or any of the little mountain towns, on October weekends you avoid the main roads, only traveling the back way to town, or better yet you do all your errands during the week, stock up on groceries, and stay the heck out of town altogether!


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Melissa Scott said...

Being the minivan driving crazy mom that carries everything with her......the Cross Country scarecrow is sporting my sports bra....I just happened to have 2 in my gym bag.

But if you are coming up this weekend....park at Mountainview Elementary School and the above pictures GHS Cross Country girls will be happy to help you find a parking spot, donations appreciated.