Monday, October 22, 2012


You know when you are surfing radio stations in the car and you find one only to have it fade to static, then you are hunting for another one. 

I kind of feel like that sometimes, I think I have found something I want to do, then my interest will fade and I am looking for something else.

I feel like I am wandering around without a purpose, off track.  I know it sounds like I a religious thing, lost soul, but no, it is more like a life/track kind of thing.  Work?  Hobbies?  Volunteering?  I don't know.  Even in reading books, I find myself not wanting to waste my time on fiction stories, but to read real life bios about real people. 

I feel like I am in limbo… well at least I thought I did until I looked up the definition:

1: an abode of souls that are according to Roman Catholic theology barred from heaven because of not having received Christian baptism
2: a : a place or state of restraint or confinement
b : a place or state of neglect or oblivion limbo>
c : an intermediate or transitional place or state
d : a state of uncertainty

…maybe the last one

I need to figure out what I want - to leave a legacy?  Not really.  To make a difference?  Sure, that would be nice.     

I see quilters on the internet making quilts for charity and quilts of valor for soldiers, I have read about folks knitting little hats for babies in the hospital or for the homeless…

I think part of it is coming off a long vacation, getting back into the grind of work…maybe I just need a project. 

Let's see, I have a t-shirt quilt to make with a deadline of next May, but that can wait til after the new year.

It is time to think about holiday gifts, what to make?  The granddaughters are rolling their eyes as I make them yet another knitted scarf…

Any ideas would be appreciated!  But for now I have found something to focus on - it is time to go to work now, you know that thing that pays for my hobbies!

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Joann said...

I have recently been startled to see how fast, incredibly fast your presence can be dismantled, sold, and any remnant of you physical existence erased. I look to my child and grandchildren to see if my legacy of making good people out of them is affirmed. It takes a lot of time to invest and pass along to youth the ethical and characterological evidence that being nice to people (and the planet), helping and loving one another is the most important thing we can do. Some might quibble about religious ideals to be met, but if one lives and teaches the next generation these core ideas, you have made your most powerful legacy.