Friday, September 21, 2012

one week left...

We left the Tetons this morning, heading south. On the way out one more picture of the smoky mountains. It looks like the Great Smoky Mountains close to home, our favorite place to get away.

Also on the way out, pulling the camper, crossing a bridge, Buddy shouted out, "MOOSE"!! I did a quick drive-by picture, kinda blurry, but proof that moose actually do exist and at least one is alive and well in Grand Tetons.

Heading south out of the mountains into the plains, as far as you can see flats and rounded hills covered with sagebrush. Found a little store in the middle of nowhere that had diesel - check out the sign over the door!

On south into Utah, the hills are popping up, rocky and colored for fall.

A long day of driving, talk turned to work - UGH! Just one week left, which of course is the length of our usual vacation, but it seems short now. One week until we get home, but after being on the road for over a year now, the definition of home is blurry…

Well, on the road again in the morning for a half day trip to Moab, UT - Arches NP, the last destination on our trip before the long trek home. Hopefully there will be no smoke there and we will get lots of pictures!

picture album HERE

Wild West Road Trip - day 27 
miles today 372/total miles 5012
Lakeside RV CG 
Provo, UT 
temp lo 30/hi 80 
elevation 4549

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Gypsy Quilter said...

Oh heck, go exploring for another five weeks. I'm really enjoying the pictures and I'm sure everyone will understand why you can't come back quite yet. LOL