Thursday, September 20, 2012

camping chair day

OK, we have one more day in the Tetons, what to do today?

We drove the entire park yesterday. The mountains are still out of sight covered in smoke.

So we took a day of rest, unusual for us. Most of the day we spent sitting in our camping chairs, reading, dozing.

A short hike around the campground finds a few deer, a fox, a bear scare.

We heard something huffing in the woods, we started talking loud and moving out of there quickly.

I know the rules, (see the sign above) but I wonder if that sign is placed there by the bears…

make noise - so we know you are there

carry bear spray - it is funny watching you get it off your belt

do not run - or run, either way it is fun to catch you

play dead - mmm - tourist buffet

picture album HERE

Wild West Road Trip - day 26 
miles today 0/total miles 4640
Colter Bay CG 
Grand Tetons NP, WY 
temp lo 36/hi 70 
elevation 6794

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GiGi said...

Great pictures! I'm so looking forward to a trip like this in a few years.