Saturday, September 8, 2012

busted at the border

This is the picture that got me into trouble.

We pulled up to the border crossing into Canada. I was busy snapping pictures while Buddy handed over our passports and started answering questions, when suddenly the conversation stopped - I looked over and saw the two of them looking at me. Mr. Border Crossing said, "This is an international border crossing and everyone should be paying attention!" oops...

We then answered the list of questions, about things we shouldn't be bringing into Canada like firearms, parts of firearms, over $10,000 in cash, firewood - STOP - we have firewood in the truck, whoa!

He gave us two options, he could refuse us entry and we could take our firewood back to where we were staying, OR we could pile it out onto the growing stack they were collecting. So we added to the stack - I guess the border crossing folks have plenty of wood for the winter!

We brought that firewood all the way from Georgia, from our personal stash. Oh well, we got a couple of fires out of it here in Glacier NP - which is the first place on our trip that campfires have been allowed, too dry everywhere else we have been. And at least it was free. We discussed stopping on the way back through to load it up, but it was gone.

I can't believe I was reprimanded at the border! It was nice on the way back to hear the American border crossing lady say, "Welcome back!"

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Sandy Hatcher-Wallace said...

We've gotten stopped twice, once by a border patrol agent who forgot everything once he saw that I was filming him and he began to put on a show and was very kind and sweet and very much a ham :) But the first time I ever got detained was at the Mexican border trying to get back into the United States. That took an hour and a half of trying to prove that I was a U.S. Citizen.

It always tickles me when you cross into California and the border patrol ask you if you have any fruit or perishables in your possession. Of course as we're approaching I'm trying to eat all the bing cherries and fresh peaches, so when we stop I have juice dripping down the corners of my mouth, as I say, NO Sir we don't have anything perishable.

It's too bad that you didn't get your wood back. I guess Canada doesn't want any kind of insects or mites that might be living in the wood, or any rich people either.

Barbara Emma Morey said...

This is too funny. No matter what age, we don't like to be reprimanded by anyone. We have our parents to blame for that one !!