Sunday, September 2, 2012

buffalo stampede

It's all about buffalo here in Custer, SD. There are life size painted bison on the street corners (like the Cherokee, NC bears). There are real buffalo grazing along the highways. You can get buffalo meat at the grocery store, or buffalo steak and burgers at the restaurants.

Custer is kind of a tourist town, though we couldn't quite compare it exactly to Gatlinburg, and with the native American stuff it resembles Cherokee, but with a more western flare, and not so commercialized.

A nice little town, this is our last day here. It is a good central location for the things we wanted to see and do here.

NOTE: My favorite of the street buffalo was the one covered with a quilt (of course) the story here:

For Northern Plains Indians of Montana and the Dakotas, the sighting of the morning star heralds a new beginning, a new day dawning. The star pattern adorned animal skins used for tepees, clothing, and shields. For ages the star has been depicted in the Plains Indians' hide paintings, porcupine-quilled moccasins, leggings and clothing. With traders' introduction of beads, the star appeared in bead form. The use of the morning star quilt design is a continuation of their time honored art form, the artist here used acrylic paint.

picture album HERE

Wild West Road Trip - day 8
miles today 44/total miles 1908
Beaver Lake CG
Custer, SD
temp lo 52/hi 80
elevation 5318


Linda Jimerson said...

yep, gotta love the one with the morning star quilt. Interesting!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Boy that took some talent to get the quilt on there straight. Thanks for sharing.