Tuesday, June 10, 2008

bear sighting

CHEROKEE, N.C. ­ The town of Cherokee is being overrun by a collection of bears. But, don't worry­ these bears are completely harmless. Several Eastern Band of Cherokee artists have created a series of large, life-like fiberglass bears and painted them in bright vibrant colors and designs.

Currently there are 13 painted bears completed, located in various spots around downtown Cherokee. An overall total of 25 bears have been commissioned for painting by Cherokee artists and will be placed in the Central Business District and other strategic areas in town to encourage locals and tourists to patronize area businesses, to instill community pride and to draw awareness for the wide ranging talents of Tribal artists.

~ story here

The official website of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Nation also has a story about the bears, along with the news of a new Wal-Mart coming soon!

~photos 8 June 2008, more pictures here


Melzie said...

I love those :) I like anything quirky such as this. One time visiting Louisville KY we came across the same idea, but horses (KY Derby I guess) on almost every city street corner, very very brightly and gaudily painted, I LOVED it :) xoxo melzie

June said...

Many towns have taken to doing this sort of thing based on the focus of their area. I love seeing them/art on streets.

Sebastian and Barbara said...

In Milano (Italy) they have elephants now. Reg, B