Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Grand Tetons

Big trip - moved from Yellowstone to Grand Tetons NP, about 60 miles.

But where are the 10,000 feet high iconic mountains? Every now and then you can see a faint outline of craggy mountains… lots of smoke in the air. There are 3 wildfires going on right now and the smoke is thick between us and the mountains. The first time we could really see any mountains was when the sun dropped behind them. The campers next to us have been here two weeks and it has been like this all that time.

Went to a ranger talk at Oxbow at dusk in hopes of seeing some wildlife, specifically moose, which we have not seen yet on our trip. The ranger gave a great talk and spotted a pair of bald eagles. Not much else going on though, a couple of other birds and a beaver… we want to see something BIG! Since we can't see the mountains, hopefully we will see some more wildlife while we are here. Rumor has it that a grizzly walked through this campground yesterday morning.

Still no good cell service or internet, but you can get wi-fi if you hang out at the laundry, so may try that later.

The ranger said this is the week for the colors to change here in the Tetons, the aspens are showing off their bright yellow, love to listen to the aspen trees rustling in the wind.

picture album HERE

Wild West Road Trip - day 24 
miles today 78/total miles 4545
Colter Bay CG
Grand Tetons NP, WY 
temp lo 30/hi 62 
elevation 6794

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