Friday, April 6, 2012

just for fun

before and after

Melissa and Keith participated in the annual Color Run last weekend at Piedmont Park in Atlanta.

The only question is, Are you ready for the craziest, colorful, 5k of your life? You bet you are. We'll see you all squeaky clean at the start line.

Runner/walkers begin the 5k at the start line like a brand new pristine coloring book, they end looking like they fell into a Willy Wonka… tie dyed… vat of colored goodness.

One of our greatest visions for the Color Run is bringing fun, memories, and fundraising to local communities. The Atlanta event is a fundraiser for Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

So it was just for fun and a good cause, and our kids are not trying to tell us something by going to Atlanta and coming back all rainbow-covered… not that there is anything wrong with that…

So many folks wanted to do this that they had to schedule another date which will be this Sunday at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

It looks like a great time was had by all!

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Linda_J said...

It washes out, right? Good that the event was so well received that they had schedule another one, being a fund raiser!