Thursday, April 5, 2012

harm's way

It is like one of those puzzle pictures
can you see the hidden objects?

"A bird on the job who lays it's eggs in the gravel. Notice the eggs are colored like the gravel. Then when you walk up on it the mama bird runs from the nest and flops around playing like it's wing is broken to draw you away from the eggs." ~superintendent at Chick-fil-A job site in Wichita.

broken-wing act distraction technique

Killdeer birds in harm's way. Some advice - don't lay your eggs in the gravel... especially on a construction site.

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The Calico Cat said...

While I hope for the best for this momma & her nest, they have been making babues for as long as construction sites have been around & probably before, so she might know a bit more than us... wink (From the crazy lady who showed a nesting goose in her last blog post.)