Friday, March 23, 2012

life next door

Melissa and Keith have headed south to see his dad in the hospital, she sent this photo last night (so mean), and left all the kids here.

I am supposedly here to watch over them, but they are pretty much self-sufficient.

After Kyle cooked supper, I thought they would do homework on the kitchen table (I always liked that, the little kiddies gathered around helping each other with their homework, so cute), but no, they have to do it online now.

They do their own laundry, cook, get themselves to school and back, to work and back. Good job, Melissa!

Oh and they have this neat family calendar where they all put their schedules. NO, not a paper calendar, it is online of course, they can all access it from their phones, the two older ones that date must put weekend plans on the calendar by Wednesday. None of this - 'but I told you mom last week about...' . To quote Melissa, 'If it's not on the calendar, it is not happening!'

I can see where everyone is at any given time, in addition to the long list of stuff Melissa left me. And I love the note taped to the front door - 'don't drive Granma Susan crazy!'

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Linda_J said...

Looks like they all have an assigned color then and a wonderful organizing tool with all the activities the kids are involved in. Probably a nightmare if you don't do something like that.

Is Melissa getting you back for all those Key West shots with that lovely picture?

Hope her FIL will be okay.