Saturday, March 24, 2012

this week

Star struck - This week the area is buzzing about the movie being filmed on nearby locations starring Clint Eastwood. So far the only movie star siting was by neighbor Hollie's husband, an Atlanta detective.

Something old - Madison got her letter jacket back from the shop, all letters and patches sewn onto the vintage jacket handed down from her dad.

Something new - The newest baby in the family is the star of a new book received in the mail. All the pictures are adorable, but of course my favorite photo is captioned 'Abby loves aunt Susan's blanket'!

Sewed up - Sarah's is back from the quilter (sneak peek above) and just waiting on the finishing touches. Unlike the tax preparation (another project this week which we won't mention), at least I have learned to hire this out to the professional, Peg Hasbrouck, quilter lady did another fine job!

Puzzled - Been hanging out with the grandkids, making them do lame stuff like jigsaw puzzles - they rolled their eyes at the suggestion, but watch them gather around the dining table trying to figure it out! No batteries or charger needed - love it!

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rubyslipperz said...

It's really fun to show grandkids the great things in life to do...that don't require batteries or electricity.

How did I survive in the 50's-60's while a child with no electronic doo-daadz? I did handworks and played with dolls.