Monday, March 12, 2012

fast pace

Whew! What a busy place

Melissa spent the last week on a very welcome Spring Break after flying through most of her college classes (lady of leisure pictured above). No wild parties at the beach for this college spring breaker - life as usual being a mom.

Sarah's days in high school are coming to a close, coasting toward graduation, accepted to KSU! Tickets to HS graduation are a hot item, each senior getting 10… kids these days have so many grandparents, etc, that we expect to see tickets being scalped by young entrepreneurs.

Kyle has been building model airplanes, one actually flew in competition in Atlanta, and he just learned he was accepted to SPU for his senior year in high school, which means he will graduate this December and not attend the high school graduation ceremony next May - he will be a college freshman by then!

{are you doing the math? that means 3 out of the 6 folks who live next door will be in college this fall!}

Racheal has been acting out again - in a good way! Practicing practicing for spring school play -Les Miserables, she is the understudy for the lead part and in one of the performances will BE the lead! Heads are swelling…

Madi spent an evening in the ER with (self-diagnosed) possible appendicitis, is still running track, has been teaching elementary school (before this she thought she wanted to be a teacher), ahh, our little overachiever in the family.

Keith will be 39 this month! no, really, for the first time! Hey Keith, I was just 40 when I became a grandparent, lol!

Carrie is running miles and miles every day training for a 10K later this month, and then she and Daniel will be heading to the Warrior Dash in May. They trained for that this weekend by helping stack fire wood!

Buddy packed up the camper and left out Friday for a two day trip to Kansas, which he made into a one day trip, starting a job there that will last til the 4th of July. He is making sure everything is set up before I get there.

And I have been having fun making Sarah's graduation quilt, have been dreading doing taxes, have been dealing with a computer virus which was 'fixed' by the tech who had to completely wipe out the hard drive, oy!.

Wow, there is way too much going on here, can't wait to get back on the road again!

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Barbara Morey said...

I thought I felt really tired from the time change, when in fact, my exhaustion comes from reading all your family is doing !! LOL I do hope everyone is taking time to smell the roses in between the races they are running. Bravo to all.