Sunday, January 1, 2012

wrapping it up

Keys Federal Credit Union new office almost finished!

So long condo... see our balcony (pink building, far left, second from top)

I am heading back south (Key West!) for the final days of construction and for the long road trip home. Just enough time for a few more sunsets, grouper sandwiches, cruise ship sightings, swaying palm trees and sand between my toes {sigh}.

So the end of another year, another job, and on to the next. As far as job destinations go, Key West will be hard to top!

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Linda_J said...

You are probably not looking forward to the long haul back with the truck loaded up. I've never been to Florida, let alone Key West yet but the pictures you have posted make me want to go!

Any place else for the next posting WILL probably seem a let down but I admire how you make it an adventure!