Monday, January 30, 2012

orange rules

Annual family outing - girls only - to see the Lady Vols play at UGA

We took advantage of the family gathering so we could all sing to Carrie
on her near 30th birthday!

Pat Summit - Whether by choice or side effects of disease or medications, Pat stayed on the sidelines and let her assistant coaches pretty much run the show. We got to witness what might be the unofficial passing of the torch to assistant coach Holly Warlick, who did an awesome job of leading the ladies to victory. Even the bad calls by officials did not get Pat up out of her seat, definitely a different story from a year ago.

Good to spend time with the extended family, sisters, cousins, friends.

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Linda_J said...

Nothing wrong with a day out with the girls! I always think of Vol orange as being orange with attitude----man, is it bright!! I forget who was playing the other night when DJ was watching (maybe AU and the Vols??) and I swear those decals on the floor could have glowed in the dark, LOL.