Friday, January 27, 2012


in the distance, blue mountain ranges and green trees and brown grasses, like a bed piled high with quilts, each layer a different texture and hue, all blending together for a perfect picture

there is a distance to life here in the mountains, plenty of room to stretch and think and walk and grow and play and live

the mountains give perspective to our existence, any problem seems small when compared to these wide open spaces

there is a depth to life here, strength of community and family and tradition and hard work and faith

a closer view finds textures of hard wood and stone, soft pine needles underfoot, smooth creek rocks, rough tree bark, fresh mountain air

a nice place to be, home sweet home


Linda_J said...

poetic, Susan. What a gorgeous picture! I know when I go back to IL I am always struck by how danged flat it is most places. What happened to my distant hills and such?

june said...

Yes, the sun and water and palms are intoxicating, but the mountains have a quiet strength that comforts.

Kira said...

cool blog!