Tuesday, January 3, 2012


When I first saw these houseboats I thought of the trailer parks back where I come from, mobile homes on wheels, but then saw the prices of some of the houseboats on sale, one for $350,000!

Colorful close quarters, convenient to everything to see and do here in Key West, another option for living here, especially since there is no more land to build anything else here. That is if you don't mind your house rocking!


Dinah Paris said...

Love these photos.

Linda_J said...

If the house is a rockin', don't bother knockin----come on in???

Love the one with the big happy face on the roof.

Joann said...

1) LOVE, the pix of the houseboats. Can they motor somewhere if there's bad weather coming? Awesome pix.
2) LOVE the new mountain picture.
3) What is all that crap in the two above comments?

Susan Tidwell said...

Joann, thanks for the heads up, deleted the 2 spam comments

Barbara Morey said...

What a beautiful sight. When we were there last, which was back in the 90's after the big hurricane, most of the houseboats were gone, including one of our favorite places close by ....... Benny Hanna!