Tuesday, December 27, 2011

homemade treasures

Homemade gifts are popular for a number of reasons, they are personal, a lot of thought and time goes into them, but mostly because they are fairly inexpensive... we have all been there, more time than funds, and the holidays are a great time to be creative.

Carrie made this hot cocoa mix for me for Christmas. It has powdered milk, confectioner's sugar, cocoa, and more, all had to be sifted together... so in typical Carrie fashion, she got the recipe and called her sister to see what ingredients she already had in her pantry - why buy stuff when you can just "borrow" it?

Melissa told her, "I hope you aren't making that for MOM 'cause she won't open it, will just sit it on the shelf to look at, like the cookie mix in a jar that I made her many years ago!"

sand art cookie mix, year?

What? I am proud of the things my kids make me! But Carrie insisted that I try the cocoa mix, it is delicious! And the little felt hearts, so cute, did you make those as well? Oh well, they were just $1 at Michael's, a good buy!

As for the cookie mix, I am sure those cookies would have been delicious too had I made them at the time, but not sure I would eat them now, so the decorative jar is safe.

So the question is - gifts in a jar - to eat or not to eat?

Thanks, girls for these homemade treasures!

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Carrie said...

♫♪ Neh-Neh, Neh, Neh, Neeeehh... She liiiikes mine beeetter! ♪♫