Wednesday, November 23, 2011

holiday warm fuzzies

Usually at the first hint of cooler weather (October?) my thoughts turn to making gifts, anything that can be sewn or knitted or crocheted, something that accumulates and piles up in my lap and warms me as I make it, kind of like cutting your own firewood (it warms you twice - once when you cut it and once when you burn it).

Last winter I started a project of making each of the granddaughters an afghan for this Christmas, well... one is finished, one is almost finished, and one is not even started, but the yarn is bought!

Since we are still enjoying the 80 degree days here in Key West, the holiday bug had not bitten yet this year, that is until we had to go shopping for jackets to wear on the trip home this week. Christmas music was playing at Sears and I found myself humming the tunes all the way home.

That is all it took, for the rest of the day I had the holiday warm fuzzies. I came home and finished up the second blanket, started online shopping, set up wish lists for the kids and grandkids at Amazon, went out shopping here and found some tropical Christmas cards to send out, it feels good to get started!

Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock
Jingle bell swing and jingle bells ring
Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun
Now the jingle hop has begun


Linda_J said...

Love the colors you chose! 80 degrees would not really be an invitation for something warm in your lap but I am glad the holiday spirit is moving you!

Barbara Morey said...

Welcome Home Susan,
How does it feel to come back to reality? LOL
At least you have 'warm' memories to take the chill off any winter day that approaches.