Friday, October 21, 2011


US highway #1 starts here in Key West. Or more likely it is the end of the road for most folks. Driving down from Miami it is the only road and travelers anxiously watch the mile markers count down as soon as they leave the mainland, all the way to ZERO in Key West!

But did you know that US 1 goes all the way to Maine, 2377 miles, to this SIGN.

more on US Highway #1 HERE

One of the most popular photo ops here in Key West. Yes, we stood in line for this one, geesh!

90 miles to Cuba. Speaking of Cuba and its close proximity, several sites here on the island were used in the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

So when you think of Key West, these two icons pop into your mind. They are on t-shirts and key chains, and are featured in millions of tourist's pictures, just like ours - got it, check it off the list!

Carrie and Daniel are back home in the cold mountains now, with nothing to show for their trip but iconic t-shirts and a little suntan and lots of photos, like these!

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