Monday, October 10, 2011


Key West HS - Home of the Conchs - other local teams are called the Sharks, no one seems to use the mascot of jellyfish or shrimp or crabs...

The name "conch" is widely used in the Florida Keys to refer to a lifelong resident of the Keys. Native people born in Key West and the Bahamas call themselves conchs. In times past proud parents in Key West placed a conch shell on a stick in the front of their house to inform neighbors of a new born infant.

People who take up residence in the Keys are humorously referred to as freshwater conchs. Politicians sometimes issue certificates to people active in community interests declaring them "honorary conchs". Locals like being called conchs and take pride in the appellation.

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Barbara Morey said...

..... and everyone should remember to pronounce it "conk" as if you're all conked out. The locals would appreciate it !!!!