Monday, October 3, 2011


Everywhere you look is something new and different and colorful!

iguana hiding in the tree, can you see me now?

Disney cruises by the beach

pink feet

the nightly ritual

beach artist

and of course the city symbol


Barbara Morey said...

I stumbled over your blog and I truly love it. When looking at your most recent blog - Colorful - I knew exactly where I was even before seeing it was labeled Key West. My hubby and I have spent many, many years there and it is our home away from home.
I am anxious to read about your adventures and see more of your fantastic photos. I've already tapped into the treehouse passages. I figure any blog with the word 'reflections' in it has got to be good !!!
Thank you so much for sharing.

Barbara Morey said...

P.S....... When I saw the 'beach artist' photo, I knew exactly where you were!